Chiang Mai, Thailand – 2014 Itinerary

Day 1 (Dates TBC)

Day one is a crash course in story-telling and editorial photography. We’ll begin our time with some quite difficult light, but extremely easy-going subjects, in Somphet Market. You’ll be challenged with an assignment and surviving the smells of a wet market during this time. We’ll then make our way through the streets to photograph some of the city’s landmark structures before dining at one of Chiang Mai’s finest Northern Thai restaurants. Then it’s on to a meet and greet with some of Chiang Mai’s friendliest monks while we make portraits and images of their temple at Wat Phra Singh. Just when you thought we were done, we’ll take you back to Tha Pae Gate for an evening session and wind up with a critique session over dinner.


Day 2(Dates TBC)

We hope you limited your intake of Thailand’s finest last night, as we’ll be rising early to head out to Bor Sang Umbrella Village. Here we’ll spend the morning hours with the makers of Thailand’s famous mulberry paper umbrellas and craft our own images of every step involved in making these beautiful pieces of art. Lunch and some free time will give us some much needed respite from the Thai heat, and we’re going to need it! We’ll make our way over to Mae Jo University for the annual lantern release where we’ll no only observe one of Thailand’s most religiously significant events, but take part in it and photograph it as well. Our afternoon session will comprise of preparing to photograph this short, busy, and difficult event.


Day 3(Dates TBC)

Day 3 will utilise the skills we’ve learned so far, and add new ones as we speed up the mountain to Chiang Mai’s most well-known temple, Wat Phra That Doi Sutep. After our blessings and crafting images at the temple, we’ll make our way back down to Warowot Market for the final two sessions of the day. Here we’ll learn the ins and outs of panning, and finalise our Chiang Mai travel portfolio.  Our final workshop dinner will take place at 7pm.